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What is TestAS?
TestAS is an aptitude test for foreign applicants from non-EU countries who want to do undergraduate studies at a German university. It records intellectual abilities particularly important for a successful course of studies. It does not require any specialist knowledge. Neither does it measure any aspects of personality, motivation or interests.

What are the benefits of TestAS?
TestAS provides a selection criterion for German universities. They can thus identify applicants who have the necessary intellectual qualifications for the area of studies they are applying for.

TestAS results will help you make informed choices. After the test, you will be able to realistically assess your chances of successfully completing your studies. You will also find out how you stand in comparison to other test takers and you become acquainted with typical requirements of the course of studies you are applying for.

What does TestAS look like?
The test can be taken in German or English and consists of different modules:

Where can I take the TestAS?
TestAS can be taken all over the world in licensed test centres. You find a list of all test centres here. In case there is no test centre in your country, please use our contact form .

When can I take the TestAS?
As from 2009 you can take the TestAS twice a year. You find the current TestAS dates here.

Is there an age limit for the TestAS?
No. TestAS is meant primarily for applicants and students planning to take a first degree in Germany but it is open to all age groups. It can also be taken during your last year in secondary school; you should not take it earlier than that.

Can I take parts of TestAS as separate tests?
No, you have to take the Core Test as well as one Subject-Specific Module. It depends on the course of study you want to apply for and on the admission requirements of the German universities which subject-specific test you choose. We offer modules for Economics, Engineering, Humanities, Cultural Studies and Social Sciences and Mathematics, Computer Science and Natural Sciences. If you would just like to test your language skills, please register for onDaF or TestDaF.

Can I repeat the TestAS?
Yes, you are allowed to repeat the TestAS as many times as you like. Take into account, however, that TestAS does not measure knowledge and skills which can be acquired and trained at short notice but relatively solid cognitive abilities. It is therefore unlikely that you will achieve a much better result at a later date. See also "How can I prepare for TestAS?"

Can I view my examination papers after the test?
No, but you can ask to have your results checked within four weeks of the announcement of the results. Your score will then be checked again by a board of examiners, and you will be notified of the result. However, you are not allowed to look at your papers yourself.



Which languages are used in TestAS?
TestAS is offered in German and English. It is up to you to decide which language you want to use.

Do I know enough German or English for the TestAS?
You need at least level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages in order to successfully complete TestAS.

In case you would like to test your language skills, please register for onSET or TestDaF.Please always make it a habit to continually improve your knowledge of German or English, this will help you to prepare for TestAS and for your studies in Germany.

Do I need to have good computer skills in order to take the TestAS?
No. The core test and the subject-specific test are paper-based tests.

How do I prepare for the TestAS?
TestAS is not designed to test knowledge. TestAS measures cognitive abilities but not specific skills. You cannot prepare for TestAS by short-term training and acquiring knowledge. Acquaint yourself with the test format This website offers you model questions, which we strongly advise to work through.



How can I register for TestAS?
First you have to register online here. Once you are registered, you will receive a verification mail. You can then book a test date with your user name and password and select the test centre of your choice.

Which modules should I book?
First of all, you will have to decide whether you want to take TestAS in German or in English. A change of language between parts of the test is not possible.

In any case you need to book the Core Test.
Moreover, you choose one of the four subject specific modules. Depending on the course of study you wish to apply for and on the admission requirements of the university which you are applying to, you may have to book one of the four modules:

You can book only one subject-specific module.

When is the deadline for registration and booking?
The deadline for registration and booking is about five weeks prior to the TestAS exam. For further information on the registration period click here.

How much does participation in the TestAS cost?
TestDaF-Institut has definded three country groups with different prices. The price applicable for you will be announced during registration process.

I have registered but did not receive an e-mail. How do I proceed?
After registration, you should receive an email with a link. If you have not received it, log in again on the test takerís page with your user name and password. You can then check your e-mail address and have the mail sent to you again.

You should also check if your mailbox is full thus preventing you from receiving e-mails. In addition, look into your spam or junk folder.


Test Participation

What do I need to bring for the test?
You are required to carry a valid ID (passport, identity card). It has to be the same ID that you used when registering for TestAS. You will need to present it at the identity check before the test. In addition, you will be demanded to present the admission e-mail that your test centre sent to you in the run up to the test. You should also bring along a black or blue ballpoint pen.

Can I bring any resources?
No, neither dictionaries nor other reference books or teaching materials or calculators are allowed. You will be given everything you need at the test centre, including note sheets. In case you use any forbidden resources you will be excluded from the test.

How long does it take to do the TestAS?
You will need 110 minutes for the core test. After a break of 30 minutes, you will start the subject-specific test which will take 145 to 150 minutes, depending on the module you choose.

What is the procedure like?
The Core Test and the Subject-Specific Tests are paper-based tests in a multiple choice format. You will be given a test booklet for each module which contains the questions and a separate answer sheet. You are to mark the correct answer with a black or blue ballpoint pen on this machine-readable answer sheet.

How is TestAS marked?
The results of each part of the TestAS are calculated automatically.

For the TestAS you will receive a differentiated certificate which indicates your achievements in the subtest in points, percentile ranks and standard values. Both test takers and universities receive information about the ranking of the individual as compared to all other test takers.

You will not find the predicates "passed" or "failed" on your certificate. There is no minimum score and thus no pass mark. The German universities will use the ranking lists which are based on the test results for the selection of applicants at their own discretion.


Results and Certificates

When and where do I get my results?
You can access your results about four weeks after the test by logging into the TestAS website for test takers with your user name and password. You will not receive special notification when the results are uploaded. A sample of the certificate can be viewed.

What can I do if I forget or lose my user name and my password?
In order to book online and to print your certificate a few weeks after the exam, you need your user name and your password that you have chosen when registering. In case these access data are no longer at yourís disposal, retrieve them here.

For how long is the certificate valid?
The validity of the certificate is unlimited.

How do I obtain additional certificates?
You can log into the TestAS website at any time and print out as many copies as you like.

How can the university access my TestAS certificate?
As soon as you send your certificate or just your participant number and date of birth to the university, the university can verify your certificate at any time by logging into the TestAS website for universities. It will no longer be necessary to physically authenticate copies.

Do all German universities accept the TestAS certificate?
The TestAS certificate is recognised by German universities who have included it in their admission regulations. The weighting of the TestAS results, however, varies depending on the university. While TestAS is compulsory for some universities or subjects, it is optional for others. Some universities do not require TestAS at all. Please inquire at the university or faculty you are applying to if TestAS is considered for admission.

Can I benefit from a TestAS certificate in my home country?
Yes because the certificate contains descriptions of the various subtests and the intellectual abilities tested as well as your achievements in these tests. These detailed descriptions provide differentiated information about you for companies, organisations and other institutions.

Can I balance a low score in one part of the test with a higher score in another part of the test?
This is not necessary because you will receive a detailed certificate which presents your achievements in all parts of the test. The universities will weight your achievements depending of the course of study you are applying for. You will not see the predicate "passed" or "failed" in any part of the test, and there is no minimum score for the test or for any part of it.

Can I combine scores from different tests I took?
This is not possible. If you have taken part in the test several times, the last certificate will be shown by default. But you can decide which certificate the universities can view by marking this certificate in your individual portal. The universities can view only one certificate.