Data protection notice

Data Protection and Privacy Statement
TestAS is an aptitude test, which tests the competencies and skills that are required for admission to a German university. The TestDaF Institute collects information about the test candidates in order to perform the test. Individual-related details form a part of this data.
The TestDaF Institute handles this data confidentially and responsibly in accordance with the valid data protection acts. Most of the collected data is used for the performance of the test; some data is also used for scientific purposes. The TestDaF Institute performs scientific research, which, among other things, serves to ensure the quality of the tests and to control their long-term validity.
Only authorised staff within the TestDaF Institute have access to the individual-related, non-anonymous details of the test candidates, provided that this is necessary for the administration of the test and the allocation of the results. The test centres have access to all data which is absolutely necessary for the performance of the test.
If data is used for scientific research, it is strictly made anonymous, in order that no identification of individual candidates is possible.
Access to the TestAS results and data is also granted to uni-assist and to the admission offices of the universities, which are authorised by the candidates to access the data when they give their TestAS candidate number within the scope of their application for a course of studies or enclose a printout of their TestAS certificate with their application documents.
As the test results and the certificate are valid for an unlimited amount of time and the TestDaF Institute offers a verification of the test results without a time restriction, the collected data is not erased after a certain time period, except upon application of the candidates concerned. The application to erase the data is to be made to the TestDaF Institute.
Every candidate has access at all hours to his or her personal details and can amend their details or unsubscribe up until the end of the registration period. After the closing date for applications for a test, there is only a limited possibility for candidates to amend their details. In such case, candidates may apply for certain details to be amended, such as their address and telephone number. However, the details required for the certificate, i.e. name, date of birth, candidate number, cannot be amended.

Declaration of consent
I confirm my agreement that the TestDaF Institute and, if necessary, the test centre chosen by me, may save and use individual-related data about me within the scope of my participation in the test and for research purposes. If my details are used for research purposes, they are to be made anonymous.
I may apply for data about me to be erased. For this I must apply to the TestDaF Institute in writing along with a copy of my proof of identity, which I also presented at the TestAS test.
My TestAS results and my details will only be disclosed to those universities which I have authorised to gain access to these details by means of my application for a course of studies, in which I specify my TestAS candidate number or to which I enclose a copy of my TestAS certificate. The universities will only have access to those details which are printed on the TestAS certificate. A sample certificate can be seen on the TestAS website.