More Tests for Studying in Germany:


www.self-assessment.tu9.de is a cost-free online consulting service for study applicants. If you plan to study Engineering in Germany and want to take the TestAS, you can first do the SelfAssessment international. SelfAssessment offers the opportunity to find out about study requirements and about one’s own strengths and weaknesses.


www.testdaf.de offers comprehensive information about the test of German as a Foreign Language. Those who need TestDaF for admission to university studies in Germany can find out when and where to take the TestDaF and how best to prepare for it.

TestAS an der Uni Hamburg

The University of Hamburg, in a PROFIS project promoted by DAAD, is a "model base" for the implementation of TestAS. The Department of International Affairs of the University of Hamburg offers to develop models for the adequate use of TestAS and to make them available to other universities. Further information is available here.

Was studiere ich

www.was-studiere-ich.de is the online test for study applicants by the University of Hohenheim. This 15 minute self-assessment compares your own profile of interest with the courses offered by University of Hohenheim and other universities. You will be given study and job-related information according to your profile as well as hints concerning your career choice.

Prepare for Studying in Germany:


www.daad.de is the website of the German Academic Exchange Service. DAAD offers varied information to those who want to study or research in Germany.

Deutsch Uni Online is an internet portal to learn 		German online

www.deutsch-uni.com is the German learner’s portal of Deutsch-Uni Online. If you want to learn German online, prepare for studies in Germany or for TestDaF, you will find German classes supervised by experienced tutors. Special courses teach German for special purposes and expert knowledge of selected disciplines, such as Engineering or Economics.

Distributed Campus

www.distributed-campus.org is the E-learning Portal of the Free University of Berlin. Distributed Campus prepares international students who plan to study at the Free University of Berlin for their stay in Berlin thoroughly – academically, linguistically and organisationally.


www.inobis.de is a portal for international study applicants. INOBIS contains two databases: the Zeugnis-Datenbank provides information about the assessment of foreign university entrance qualifications in Germany, and the Bewerbungscheckliste (application check list) informs about courses of study, departments and degrees at uni-assist universities. You can also apply directly to uni-assist universities.


www.sprachnachweis.de is an information page for international study applicants. Its focus is on a simple query which gives detailed and up-to-date information about the required language skills for each course offered by a German University.


www.studieren.de is Germany's leading study information portal. Applicants, students and graduates get an overview as well of all german study programs and colleges as important information about financing studies and job search. Internationally www.studieren.de is expanding to a paneuropean study guidance.

Study in Germany

www.study-in-germany.de is a comprehensive information portal for international students, academics and researchers in Germany offered by Deutsche Welle. Study in Germany is published in German and English as well as six other languages.

Uni Assist

www.uni-assist.de assists international study applicants with the application for admission to German universities. The online application service allows you to apply to more than 90 universities in Germany.

Read up on the German Language:

Deutsche Welle

www.dw-world.de is the website of Germany’s international radio Deutsche Welle. You can listen to political, economic and cultural news and information as podcasts, watch them as video stream and read them in 30 languages.


www.duden.de answers your questions about German orthography, terminology, foreign words, and synonyms. The newsletter gives hints about language use and informs about spelling and grammar. Duden query allows you quick online research.

Goethe Institut

www.goethe.de is the website of the cultural institute of Germany, present all over the world. Goethe Institutes and Centres in more than 90 countries cultivate intercultural exchange and mediate a comprehensive picture of Germany by providing information about cultural, social and political life.

Hueber Verlag

Hueber publishing house develops teaching materials / text books for German as a Foreign language – as the market leader for the past 50 years. The website offers learners of German the opportunity to buy online text books in the area of German as a Foreign Language, about society and culture and to download teaching material.


vitamin de is a magazine for language learners or teachers of German and is addressed to people interested in German who live in the Russian Federation. vitamin.de is a print paper and can be ordered online here.

Young Germany

www.young-germany.de is an English-language website for young people from all over the world. It arouses interest in Germany, gives information about science and career as well as trends and the life of young people in Germany. Deutsch@YG offers opportunities to exercise one’s German and to get information about studying in Germany.

Das Institut für Deutsche Sprache

The Institut für Deutsche Sprache (Institute for German Language) researches and documents the present usage and the recent history of the German language. As a central non-university institution it offers academic exchange and communication by organising conferences and colloquia for lecturers and researchers of German and all those interested in the German language.